Mette Knudsen  



No other film director has created a similar in depth inquiry into women’s existential life conditions in the 20th and 21st century in Denmark.

Mette Knudsen is the director, script writer and executive producer of a series of documentaries and features. A.o.:

“Africa in My Heart”, 52 min. doc portrait of two women from Uganda living in the north of Denmark.
“The Countess & Her Daughters”, 47 min. doc on the dramatic creation of Denmark’s first center for battered women.
“Honey, It’s Your Turn”, feature, comedy on today’s dilemma of combining work and children.
“Little Lasse”, poetic short fiction on today’s dilemma of combining work and children,
“Redstockings”, 38 min. doc on Danish women’s liberation.
“Freedom Equality and the Right to Vote”, 42 min. historic doc on the long struggle for Danish women’s right to vote.
“Take It Like A Man, Ma’m” feature, comedy on the awakening of a middle aged house wife.
“I’m No Liar” TV feature on the average non political woman’s contribution to politics.
“Knock on Wood”, TV feature about wife battering.

Mette Knudsen has been awarded the PH-prize, Ingrid Jespersen's Big Grant, Laurens Bogtman's Honorary Grant, the prestigeous Work Grant of the Danish Government. And in 2006, Amnesty International & Salaam DK’s Human Rights Award.

Mette Knudsen has occupied a series of professional honorary offices, such as member of the boards of The Danish Film Institute, The Association of Danish Film Directors and The European Film College.

Mette Knudsen is the co-founder of the Danish chapter of the international organization Women In Film & TV (WIFT). In collaboration with Jane Rowley she is the author of “Gender & Work in Film & TV 1992 – 2002”.

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